Getting the Most Out of Ketamine Infusions


Ketamine infusions are extremely effective at treating anxiety and depression, with symptoms alleviating in as little as 1-2 infusions. However, the infusion can be more effective when enhanced by counseling sessions and some self-care practices.

Here are some tips for during the infusion process that will enhance the benefits of the infusion:

1. Listen to music. Music promotes relaxation in the process; having headphones will drown out the outside music in the clinic and give you some peace while minimizing distractions.

2. Put down your electronics. Having your phone on silent not only helps you drown out the noise outside the clinic, but it will be very difficult to use your phone when you are having an out-of-body experience! The infusions can make people feel confused and anxious.

3. Bring a blanket and an eye mask. Most clinics are air-conditioned so it can get chilly. Not only that, most clinics have fluorescent lights which do not help promote relaxation. The eye mask and blanket will help you feel more comfortable and thus speed up the healing process.

4. Bring a friend. Ketamine can make you feel disconnected from your body — your coordination may be terrible, you may be bad at communicating and you will most likely act confused. Under the influence, ketamine makes the person feel like they are unable to take action. This is why having a trusted friend can help you in this process – having this person hold your hand or give you a blanket, can help you relax. Your friend can also drive you home after the infusion as you should not be driving yourself afterward.

5. Get a counselor. Seeing a therapist during or immediately after a ketamine infusion can sometimes lead to therapeutic breakthroughs. This is because the dissociative state from ketamine gives the therapist a window to go into any past traumas or emotional pains that are normally too hard to go into, as they could normally be deep in the subconscious.

Ketamine infusions may make you feel a little worse before you feel better. Some people feel their hopelessness worsens in the hours after infusion, but it will pass within a day. This is why talking to a therapist immediately during or after the infusion will help tremendously. If you are worried about hurting yourself, ask a friend or family to stay with you after.


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