About Tahoe Ketamine

Bringing Hope, Health & Happiness to Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Ketamine is the area’s leading provider of ketamine infusions for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric conditions, as well as for the management of chronic pain. In addition to ketamine infusions, our clinic also offers IV hydration therapy and other wellness services, all designed to improve your quality of life.

Operated by an experienced anesthesiologist, our caring and compassionate team is highly trained in ketamine infusion administration. Your safety and comfort is our highest priority. We leverage state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to ensure a comfortable experience, and maintain a calming environment to make your entire experience at Tahoe Ketamine a relaxing and relieving one.

Our ketamine clinic wants to make hope available to as many people as possible. Our ketamine infusion pricing is lower than most clinics in California, starting at only $450 per infusion.

If you are ready to leave your sadness and sense of malaise behind, contact Tahoe Ketamine and start your journey towards hope, health and happiness.

Innovative Depression Treatment

Ketamine is a game-changing depression treatment that works for 70% of patients.

Highly Experienced Team

Our ketamine clinic is led by a highly experienced anesthesiologist with extensive training in ketamine infusion administration.

Affordable Ketamine Infusions

By keeping our prices low, we make ketamine treatments more accessible to more people who need them.

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Learn About Our Team At Tahoe Ketamine

Our anesthesiologist is highly trained in ketamine administration. He is credentialed in ketamine infusion therapy through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and is a member of ASKP, the American Society of Ketamine Physicians and the American IV Association.  We understand that each of our patients is traveling their own path—we do everything we can to support you on your journey, with care and compassion.

Wes J Irwin Md Ms

Wes J Irwin MD MS

Founder & Medical Director

As the medical director of Tahoe Ketamine – Wellness & Infusions Center and with over 22 years of experience in the operating room, Dr. Irwin brings decades of clinical experience to the Lake Tahoe area.  Dr. Irwin is currently on staff at Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center, Northern Nevada Medical Center, Quail Surgical & Pain Management Center, and Folsom Plaza ASC/Sacramento Surgical Institute.  He completed his residency in Anesthesiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.  Inspired by the possibility of helping the thousands of individuals suffering in the Lake Tahoe basin and surrounding areas, Dr. Irwin established Tahoe Ketamine in 2019.

Integrative Psychiatry Institute
About Tahoe Ketamine

Contact us for more information about our IV Therapies at 530-208-9355 or by filling out the contact form below.

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