Every day, ketamine infusions are changing the lives of those who suffer from treatment-resistant depression and/or severe anxiety disorders. These serious mental health conditions are two of the leading causes of disability in the United States. Depressive disorders affect about 40 million adults, and anxiety about 6.8 million. These numbers may shock you, but this is where ketamine comes into play. Ketamine works in a matter of hours, whereas traditional antidepressants may take weeks—or even months. That being said, ketamine infusions are especially ideal for suicidal individuals who need immediate help, as well as for patients who have tried everything to no avail.

To give you a little history on the drug, ketamine was first used in clinical practice in the 1960s, and was originally used as an anesthetic for surgeries, and in the field of war. It also became a favorite medication of choice in veterinary surgery. In time, people began to recognize ketamine’s hallucinogenic properties, and it became known to the public as “Special K,” and abused for recreational purposes. Over the last couple of decades, however, ketamine has drawn the attention of scientists and medical professionals through its potential to treat mental health disorders. Today, ketamine clinics are opening all over the United States, and ketamine infusions are helping those who suffer from suicidal thoughts and depression. It has been hailed as a “wonder drug” for offering highly effective and rapid-acting depression relief.

Here is the story of one individual’s experience with ketamine infusion treatments. From the young age of six, this patient began to feel down about her physical self image, and so the negative self-talk began. This person experienced a downward spiral for many years, and ended up being diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders. Although this individual tried to combat her symptoms with antidepressants, the depressive whispers continued and suicidal thoughts eventually crept in. The more serious the mental health issue became, the more she looked for ways to treat her symptoms. It was not until she hit her breaking point that she considered ketamine infusions as a viable option.

She describes the first session as an out of body experience where images, memories and her mind flew above. Once she was brought back into the present, she recognized that the thoughts she experienced had become internalized—If I want to see change, she thought, I have to make it happen. Just because I believe it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Slowly after multiple ketamine infusions, the patient began to once again feel slight joy, realizing that life is worth living, and that she can handle whatever comes her way.

“During the last infusion, my six-year-old self—the one who had first looked at herself in the mirror and felt so much shame—paid me a visit. What’s going to happen to me? she asked, her voice quivering. I knelt down to her, wrapping her in my arms. Life is going to be scary at times, I said, but it’ll be worth it.”

To read more about the details of this patient’s success story, click here: https://thebolditalic.com/tripping-my-way-toward-wellness-one-ketamine-infusion-at-a-time-a6d54906ec35

Here at Tahoe Ketamine, we love to hear these success stories from our patients, and are blessed to take part in a major recovery process that can save lives. We see a 70% success rate from those patients who suffer from treatment-resistant depression. We change the lives of our patients through the rapid-acting and highly effective results of ketamine infusions. These infusions help them get back to the small joys in life—they help them to feel “normal” again. If you are interested in ketamine infusions, please contact our Lake Tahoe ketamine infusion center for a free consultation. Ketamine is the future of mental healthcare, and is a proven solution for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric conditions.