Is IV Hydration Therapy the Latest Trend in Holistic Health?


The benefits of IV hydration therapy have been getting a lot of attention lately. For example, people spend years working out and getting into shape—is IV hydration therapy a new solution to support people in reaching their fitness goals? Or, when it comes to nutrition, most people are unable to eat a balanced diet such that they intake enough of the nutrients they need to look, feel, and function their best. Is IV hydration therapy a viable solution for nutritional wellness?

Through IV hydration therapy, a vitamin-rich treatment is injected directly into the bloodstream. Through infusion rather than oral ingestion, the body can absorb and use significantly more of the nutrients and minerals. Historically, IV infusions were used for patients with chronic illnesses. Today, however, IV hydration centers offer treatments for everyday health. Athletes rely on IV hydration for rapid hydration post-competition, or for faster recovery between intense training sessions. Those who travel frequently for work find that IV hydration can keep the symptoms of jet lag at bay. And still, many people who simply overindulge have found that IV hydration is a fast-acting hangover helper that gets them back to functional, faster.


IV Hydration Benefits

  • Better hydration
  • More energy
  • Healthier looking skin
  • Stronger immune system
  • Hangover remedy
  • Hormonal balance
  • Stress relief

If you are considering IV hydration therapy, the following advice may be useful:

  1. Make sure the clinician administering your IV Hydration Therapy is board-certified—look them up on your state’s medical board website. Inquire about their IV training to determine if their level of experience is acceptable.
  2. Ask about the specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will be used in your IV Hydration Therapy. Confirm with your primary care physician that they match your personal health needs.
  3. Tell the clinician administering your IV Hydration Therapy about any medications you are currently taking, or health issues you already have. Ask your clinician if IV hydration therapy will worsen any pre-existing conditions, or interfere with ongoing treatments.

Tahoe Ketamine offers IV hydration therapy in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Dr. Irwin is highly experienced in IV administration and is a trusted provider of IV hydration therapy. If you’d like to learn more about IV Hydration Therapy and discuss whether it could help you reach your health and wellness goals, give our office a call or contact us using the brief form below today!

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