Most of us know what it’s like to drink a little too much and be stuck in bed with a burning hangover the next day. Sometimes it takes an entire weekend of popping ibuprofen and drinking water to recuperate in time to get back to the office on Monday.

But now, with IV drip bars popping up all over the country, hangover relief is faster—and more effective—than ever!

IV hydration therapy is a type of treatment that is infused directly into the bloodstream. Patients get a dose of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are absorbed into the body immediately. In the past, only those suffering from illnesses have been candidates for IV vitamin therapy, but now IV drip bars are accessible in all corners of the country—anyone can stop by one at any time.

IV hydration isn’t just for hangovers. Athletes use IV drip therapy as a way to rehydrate and take in the nutrients needed to increase recovery time and perform better during and after a competition. Furthermore, IV hydration can help boost the immune system, reduce the symptoms of jet lag, and much more. But we’re talking about hangover relief today…

A hangover can cause brain fog, muscle aches, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms can be so severe that they stop you from going into work the next day. With IV hydration therapy, patients can get back to their regular routines, faster. There are other benefits, as well, including increased energy levels, healthier looking skin, hormonal balancing, and even stress relief.

Not only are IV drip bars becoming fashionable, new companies like The Hangover Club or I.V. Doc are gaining traction for in-home IV therapy deliveries. Endorsements from celebrities for these in-home IV drips are making them even more popular, as the lifestyles of the rich and famous is always desirable to the general public. Some of these in-home IV deliveries can cost anywhere from $175 to $250 per bag, depending on what nutrients are in the mix.

Before going to go to an IV drip bar or requesting an at-home IV hydration service, make sure to check the credentials of the clinician administering your drip. Ask what kind of ingredients will be in your IV drip, and confirm with your doctor to make sure it matches your personal needs.

We offer IV hydration here at our Lake Tahoe IV hydration center and ketamine clinic. However, while IV hydration is a highly effective hangover remedy…we suggest you don’t make it a habit. If you’re finding that you need hangover relief more often than not, you may want to consider cutting back on your drinking. Just because there is an affordable and accessible hangover cure available, doesn’t mean you should rely on that to feel well and function on a regular basis. IV hydration is not a silver bullet for problem drinkers. If you have a problem with drinking, it can be a deeper sign for mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Talk to one of our experienced clinicians about your situation today, and determine whether you are a candidate for IV hydration or ketamine infusions.

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