How to Manage Anxiety About Your Children Going Back to School In-Person


This pandemic has brought about uncertainty for everyone: adults are regularly confused, and guidelines seem to be moving targets. We are just beginning to understand what the impact on our nation’s children will be. Children have been destabilized during this time, parents have lost their jobs, routines have shifted dramatically, milestones and events have been missed, and virtual learning is far from equivalent to the learning that takes place in a classroom. These disruptions are leaving our kids feeling isolated, confused, and anxious about the future. As kids transition back to the classroom under varying guidelines, how can we help ease this transition and calm their anxieties…and your own?

Have Conversations and Pay Attention

Kids are going through huge transitions right now—even if they seem fine, they may be struggling. Have regular conversations about how they are feeling, and show them that you are there to support them as they transition back to school. Validating their feelings or worries helps ensure that they are supported and loved as they navigate a whirlwind of unfamiliar emotions and anxieties. Some kids may not be able to verbalize how they feel, so watch for subtle hints, signs, and behavior changes that may indicate a rocky transition.

Build a Support Network

Build a support network, both inside and outside of your child’s school system. If needed, make use of the many resources available. Reach out to counselors, administrators, or teachers to communicate your child’s needs. Also, make sure that you build a support network outside of the school system with friends, family, and other peers who are going through the same thing. Knowing you are not alone can bring solace during these challenging times. 

Be Patient, Stay Calm, and Develop Coping Mechanisms 

You are a role model for your children. If they see that you have a calm demeanor and that you deal with stress in a positive way, they may internalize that and follow in your footsteps. Make sure that you take time to relieve stress personally, and engage in stress-relieving activities as a family. Practice mindfulness, breathing, exercise, going out into nature and shifting negative thoughts into more positive thoughts. 

Create Routines and Stay Connected

As kids transition back to in-person learning, they may need a bit of extra support. Try and connect with teachers and school administrators about how their routines may shift due to the pandemic, and do your best to prepare your child for these changes as they integrate back into the classroom. Try and be available—if your day job allows this—for video or phone calls to your child throughout the day, if needed, in cooperation with teachers and other school staff. 

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