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Since its discovery, ketamine has been used in large doses as a general anesthetic. However, medical research of the last decade has found ketamine to be equally useful in much lower doses as a depression treatment and chronic pain reliever.  Now ketamine infusions are available near Round Valley, CA.

Millions of American adults live with debilitating and painful conditions like fibromyalgia (12m), CPRS (200m), and diabetic nerve pain (11m). For these people, living a normal, productive, and pain-free life is virtually impossible without the help of a potent painkiller. Unlike its traditional opiate counterparts, ketamine offers equally potent pain relief but without the risk of developing an addiction. For most of our patients with chronic pain, treating their symptoms with a cycle of ketamine infusions allows them to live a better, more productive, and pain-free life, once again.

Ketamine is now considered the fastest-acting antidepressant available today. Thanks to its unique therapeutic effects as an NMDA-receptor antagonist, 70% of patients who receive a ketamine infusion for their depression find it effective. Many of them are surprised to discover how quickly the benefits of an infusion take effect: within hours rather than weeks or months.

Ketamine is not considered a physically addictive substance, and each infusion is administered in our clinic. With the relatively low risk involved with a cycle of ketamine infusions, finding effective depressive or chronic pain relief has never been safer or easier.

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Highly Effective

Ketamine has been an effective depression treatment for 70% of patients



Symptom relief is fast: within 1-2 hours


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Our experienced team is trained and ready to make each experience as pleasant as possible.

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