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Ketamine infusions are a safe and effective alternative treatment for chronic pain and depression. For those who have not found success previously due to a treatment-resistant condition, ketamine infusions are especially useful and now ketamine infusions are available near Roseville, CA.

In larger doses, ketamine has been a mainstay as a general anesthesia, however in the last decade, low doses of ketamine have proven to be effective at safely reducing the symptoms of many psychological and physical conditions like PTSD, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, and CRPS. Through a cycle of ketamine infusions, many patients have found long-term relief that does not require a daily commitment.

As a depression treatment, while traditional antidepressants operate through the central nervous system, ketamine does much of its work through the glutamate system. When compared to conventional antidepressants alone, it has been shown to greatly enhance the treatment, increasing the likelihood of recovery. Nearly 70% of patients who have had a ketamine infusion for depression have reported it successfully reducing their symptoms.

Ketamine is also a potent non-addictive pain reliever that is frequently confused with traditional opioids. Despite it generating some interference with opioid receptors, ketamine is not an opioid. While most ketamine infusions for depression last around 45 minutes, infusions for chronic pain can last for up to 4-hours, depending on the severity and spread of the pain.

All ketamine infusions are non-addictive and only administered by a professional anesthesiologist or nurse within our office. No patients ever receive prescriptions for ketamine, so the risk of abuse is very low. Most patients benefit from an initial 4-6 infusions spread out over several months.

If you have depression, anxiety, or chronic pain and it’s been left untreated, call our clinic today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about ketamine infusions and any of our other treatment options.


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