The stress of COVID-19—in addition to all the world’s other concerning current events—is causing people to experience more migraine headaches than usual. Doctors are seeing more frequent migraines in chronic migraine sufferers because of the stress associated with changes and uncertainties in our day-to-day lives, as well as the constant (and seemingly endless) stream of anxieties that so many people are feeling these days.

However, those who normally don’t get migraines are experiencing more headaches, as well, due to the lack of work/life separation and less physical activity due to gym shut-downs. The problem is that some symptoms of headaches may seem like the beginnings of COVID-19…which can create stress and anxiety that serve to exacerbate symptoms. So, how do you tell the difference?

Here is a comparison of migraine and COVID-19 symptoms:

Migraine headaches: throbbing pain that is moderate to severe, sensitivity to light and noise with some vomiting. Chronic sufferers often describe the feeling as if the brain is too big for the skull. After a migraine, which may last 8 to 14 hours, people report irritability and some light sensitivity. Migraine episodes can last for a few days.

COVID-19 headaches: tightening and squeezing sensation that gets worse with cough and fever. The most dangerous headaches are in those who already have COVID-19, who may have weaker lungs and can possibly suffer some neurological complications.

Those who suffer from chronic migraines or headaches may find some relief through ketamine infusions. Ketamine has proven to be a highly effective treatment for migraine headaches, delivering immediate and lasting relief to chronic sufferers.

Those experiencing headaches as a result of heightened stress levels may find holistic relief through IV hydration therapy. Getting enough hydration is often the solution to curing headaches. IV hydration infuses vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream to rehydrate the body…and cure those headaches.

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