Treatment for Chronic Pain: Cannabis & Opioids Co-Use Causes More Harm than Good


Chronic pain is one of the most prevalent and physically debilitating problems in the U.S., and according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 20% of the adult population lives with pain. Many of the thousands who struggle with this discomfort, day in and day out, are faced with the added threat of developing more serious issues, like drug abuse, clinical depression, and a highly reduced quality of life. The severity of problems stemming from chronic pain is not unbeknownst to medical professionals, and research is being done to discover more treatment options for patients who need to find relief.

With the legalization of marijuana in many states, some chronic pain patients are receiving opioid prescriptions but adding recreational or medical cannabis to the mix. The problem that medical professionals are finding, however, is that those who co-use cannabis and opiates are showing higher levels of mental health and substance abuse problems than those who only take opioids.

Andrew Rogers and his colleagues from the 2019 American Pain Society Scientific Meeting reported that co-use patients are at a significantly greater risk for abusing multiple substances, like alcohol, sedatives, and cocaine, as well as for developing more of a dependence on their prescribed opioids. It can be hard for individuals who suffer from chronic pain to have to also treat depression and anxiety, but more medication is not always the best answer.

Simply put, “the co-use of substances generally leads to worse outcomes,” says Rogers.

The study, performed by Rogers and his team, shows evidence that the use of cannabis with opioids provides no additional pain benefits, and may be doing more harm than good.

At Tahoe Ketamine, we are excited to see the multitudes of studies being performed to find the best treatment for chronic pain, as it gives hope to the thousands who fight for relief each day. If you or someone you love struggles with any of these debilitating health issues, but nothing seems to help, consider asking your doctor about ketamine infusions. Ketamine has been around for many decades and, over the past 20 years, evidence supporting its treatment potential for various medical conditions has been overwhelmingly positive.

As one of the leading clinics in California, we see ketamine change the lives of patient after patient. Individuals who visit us for treatment-resistant depression or chronic pain often experience rapid, effective, and lasting relief. Ketamine infusions are only administered under medical supervision and in a clinical setting, which helps keep the risk of dependency or addiction to almost none.

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