Resolve to Improve Your Mental Health in 2021

This has been quite a year. If you are not struggling this year then you are one of the lucky ones. Our society has been challenged on a global scale, and the collective state of mental health is in dire straits. 2021 is a year that can be used as a blank slate to reinvest in your mental health. Bring the lessons and reflections that came with 2020 to the fresh new energy of 2021. Don’t let yourself be dragged down by the heaviness of this year. Here are some helpful tips to start anew and reinvest in your mental health leading into the new year:


Be Present

This cannot be overstated, a lot has happened to us collectively, but also individually. Take the time to reflect on this past year and the lessons that came with it, and allow yourself to let go of the chaos that was 2020. Do not let yourself get bogged down by the past or worry about the uncertain future, enjoy the present moment.


Get Outside

It is no surprise that forest bathing is a popular pastime in Japan. Many of us have been cooped up inside our houses and are severely lacking Vitamin D, but more importantly our connection to the natural world. According to the EPA, we spend 93% of our time indoors. Leave your devices at home and take a walk in the woods, it is good for the soul and our health.



Go slow, what about space? Do you allow room for a pause between stimulus and response? That is where the magic happens, don’t react, instead, act from a place of clarity. Giving yourself even just a few seconds to take a deep breath before jumping into fight-or-flight or being reactionary can bring us the clarity we need to act and not react.


Cultivate Self-Acceptance

Permit yourself to be imperfect and to accept your humanness. Often we can hold onto unrealistic expectations of ourselves and not allow space for error leading to disappointment. This can then spiral into negative self-talk which can lead to diminishing self-esteem. Having trouble or feeling like you lack the tools to get there on your own? Don’t be afraid to seek out a mental health professional, it takes a village.



Our clinical team is here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you choose the depression treatment that is right for you. if you or someone you love is looking to improve their mental health in 2021, contact our staff to answer any questions you may have about ketamine infusion therapy.

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