Ketamine near Dayton NV | Effective Ketamine Treatments for Treatment-Resistant Depression and Chronic Pain

Suffering from treatment-resistant depression and chronic pain is usually left untreated. As a result, many are left to suffer in silence, with no hope in sight. This is no longer the case, thanks to modern medicine’s recent recognition of the latest tool in the mental health arsenal: ketamine. Ketamine’s unique mechanism of action as an NMDA-receptor antagonist offers new hope for conditions that were once left untreatable.  Now ketamine is available near Dayton, NV.

Thanks to ketamine’s effects on memory formation, our ketamine infusions provide each of our patients with the opportunity to learn new ways to cope with painful or destructive thought patterns and gradually help them find normalcy again. It also helps to rebuild old, damaged neural pathways that may have developed as a result of long-term stress.

Additionally, similar to traditional opioid pain medication, ketamine operates on the opioid receptors but functions differently than its more addictive counterpart. As a result, many are able to find effective pain relief without succumbing to the risk of addiction or dependency.

The last decade has offered new hope for many. If you or someone you love has a serious condition like the ones mentioned above, give us a call today. We encourage everyone to ask about their options. There is no need to suffer unnecessarily any longer.


Highly Effective

Ketamine infusions are effective for up to 70% of patients—even those who have resisted countless other treatments!


Ketamine for depression works quickly to alleviate symptoms, providing relief in as little as 1-2 hours

Experienced & Compassionate

Our team of anesthesiologists and nurses are highly experienced, ensuring patient comfort every step of the way.

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