Depression is on the rise. Even those who don’t generally suffer from this mental health disorder are beginning to feel it. Living through a pandemic during a time of great socio-political turmoil is certainly taking its toll on the American population. Though medication and therapy are generally the first-line treatments for depression, many people are still uncomfortable leaving their homes—especially to visit a medical facility where the risk of contracting Covid-19 may be perceived as greater. Fortunately, there are a lot of home remedies for depression that may help alleviate those negative thoughts and feelings, without putting yourself at risk. 

The following home remedies for depression are also excellent ways to support pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, or ketamine infusion therapy—once you feel comfortable exploring those treatment options:

1. Stick to a routine. When depressed, everything feels hard and one day blends into another. This is more so true during a pandemic where we are doing everything from home. But if you continue to stick to a daily routine then it will keep you on track from slipping into a deeper depression. Don’t sleep through your alarm. Work during the hours you would normally work—and no later! Schedule time for exercise, and to get some fresh air…

2. Exercise. Working out is probably one of the most effective home remedies to cure depression symptoms since it boots endorphins and can lift your mood almost immediately. Try to do 30 minutes of walking per day to start, and maybe explore some home workouts—a simple YouTube search will yield plenty of options, from high-intensity workouts to yoga and everything in between.

3. Eat Healthy. The types of food you eat affect your hormones, energy levels, and brain function, so it’s important to eat properly and give your body the nutrients it needs. Stick with whole, nutrient-dense foods as processed foods often make people feel lethargic and bloated. 

4. Get enough sleep. Getting adequate sleep is important not only for your health but also for your mood. Feeling tired can lead to stress and make depression symptoms worse. 

5. Do some yoga or meditation. Yoga or meditation can help alleviate the worries that tend to go hand-in-hand with depression. Being mindful and doing lots of deep belly breathing has been known to reduce anxieties and relax the body.    

6. Try to have fun. Even though nothing feels fun right now, trying to do something you use to find enjoyable. Crafting, cooking, gardening…rekindle the passion for something you once loved! 

7. Challenge your thoughts. Being depressed often triggers catastrophic thoughts, but ask yourself if these thoughts are actually true or just feel like they’re true.

Depression can be debilitating, but thankfully there are simple ways to start down a road towards a happier life. However, if you are struggling with a severe or treatment-resistant form of depression, you may need more than these home remedies for depression. Talk to your primary care or mental healthcare provider and ask about medications or ketamine infusions. Ketamine infusions may be the solution that finally works for you.

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