How Covid 19 Is Impacting the Mental Health of Healthcare Workers


In the journal Frontiers of Psychology, a study titled “Mental health challenges of U.S. healthcare professionals during COVID 19,” was conducted by researchers studying the mental health of healthcare workers from 35 states during the peak of the COVID 19 crisis. Research found that all of them—every single one of them—reported higher levels of stress, anxiety, and feelings of a lack of control in their lives.

In another study, psychology researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology surveyed 90 healthcare workers between March 20 and May 14, 2020—from various demographics and backgrounds—in order to find out the psychological impact of COVID 19 on our frontline workers. The results showed that the healthcare group had a 30% higher rate of clinical depression than the control group.

The New York Times reported that, even before COVID 19, 25% of nurses experienced PTSD during their careers. Now they are examining the psychological repercussions of medical professionals in Wuhan, China——the birthplace of the virus—to learn more. Out of 1,257 nurses surveyed, 50% reported symptoms of depression, 45% reported anxiety symptoms, and 70% said they were suffering from psychological stress.

This is unsurprising in many ways, as frontline workers are the first ones exposed to seeing others become sick, which—not unsurprisingly—causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Not only that, they are working long hours in crowded hospitals, surrounded by COVID cases, without any semblance of work-life balance. But these healthcare workers are who we need the most, and we need to find a way to protect them now more than ever.

At Tahoe Ketamine, we’ve been treating frontline workers with IV vitamin infusion services to help minimize stress, anxiety, and depression, and offering ketamine infusions to those who qualify. These self-care practices go a long way in reducing mental anguish caused by situational stressors.

Are you a healthcare worker and feeling symptoms of depression and anxiety? Contact Tahoe Ketamine for a free consultation to see how we can help you during this time.


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